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Shorter trips with Birding Norway

Female Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus. Pasvik May 2003.
Photo (c) Alf Tore Mjøs

As in earlier years we arrange for shorter birding trips throughout the year from most of Norways larger cities. Birding for a day or two – or as long as you prefer. We arrange the full package, including accommodation and meals, transport and all along with one off our skilled guides who know to find the best birding options.

Starting from Oslo or Hamar, Bergen or Stavanger, Ålesund, Trondheim or Tromsø - we are ready for a nice birding experience. Below follows more info from several of our regions – and more is to come:

Local guided trips

In addition to new opportunities from Oslo/Hamar and Stavanger - we are still in place in Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim and the Lofoten islands, to throughout the year bring you the best of local birding opportunities in a rich variation of bird habitats and natural landscapes. In addition to customised trips and tours we also focus selected birding areas in more details with 1-4 days tours. Se below:

Birding from Bergen and western Norway
In the middle of the Fjordland's, the old town of Bergen is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Norway. Bergen is also the starting/ending point for the Coastal Express, our famous coastal journey. We arrange short and longer birding trips/tours, all customized to give the best possible outcome. Many visitors to Norway have the Coastal express journey as a main issue. Why don't you extend your visit to a birding trip the region of Bergen, the fjordlands, forests and the mountains? Two or preferably three daytrips will enable you to visit most of the available habitat types, and see a large selection of the birds in Western Norway. We have selected three areas in more detail:

  • Bergen and surroundings (1-3 days)
  • Experience Hardangervidda (2-3 days)
  • Fjordland birding (2-4 days)
  • Birding Oslo and Eastern Norway
    A large, mainly inland region whose natural landscapes are quite different from the fjords in Western Norway or the Subarctic north. Large boreal forests, river valleys and large lakes and a variety of cultural landscapes, smaller cities and agro-areas carries a variety of birding possibilities. Oslo, the capital of Norway, would be a natural starting point for many visitors.

    Birding Stavanger and Jæren region
    A coastal, lowland region located SW in Norway. Jæren is famous for its rich bird life connected to wetlands with lakes and bogs, and an open coast with sandy beaches and shallow marine waters. An area suited for birding throughout the year.

    Birding Runde and Sunnmore area
    A coastal region offering a beautiful landscapes and especially rich sea bird communities with the bird cliffs at Runde as a front-runner. Fjord landscapes and mountains are within reach during short birdwatching trips.

    Birding Trondheim and Central Norway
    Right in between south and north we find Central Norway region with the old town of Trondheim close to the Trondheim fjord. Regarding birds this region is most for the rich bird life found connected to shallow marine waters along the Trondheim fjord, but a wide range of bird habitats from the coast to the mountains in the south and east are available.

    Birding Lofoten and landscapes north of the Arctic Circle
    For all travellers the Lofoten islands in Northern Norway are well known as attractive target for their journey. A few days birding in Lofoten are certainly a life experience. Seabirds, wetland birds and mountain birds should be keys notations in a birdwatching perspective.

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