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Birding Norway trips:

Birding Stavanger and Jæren

One to four days birding trips

Jæren is a landscape of mainly “flat farmland” interspersed with swamps and freshwaters, is addition to a long coastline towards the North-Sea. Being a mix of farmland and more natural habitats, getting around at Jæren is no problem. The whole area is certainly very rich in birdlife and my “good spot” list holds several hundreds locality names. Knowing the best birding spots, highly dependent on season and weather, is essential for a successful birding trip.

Guided birding trips can therefore be customised to every needs and desires, some would like to see as many species as possible on their one day off, other wants to see a particular species (a target species), and some would like to experience particular events on the birding calendar of Jæren.

In the section Birding Sites on Birding Norway you will more details about birding at Jæren. Seasons, weather and “target” species – there is more to learn. But do not forget, the joy of birding is that no day is similar to another. At Jæren where migration lasts almost all year this is more true than at any other place in Norway! Although mostly a mixure of cultural landscapes, Jæren is still a haven for birds!

The Jæren region is a vital part of the Rogaland, which in a birding perspective has the richest avifauna in Norway. About 400 species have been recorded, placing Norways southwesternmost county on top in a European context as well. Utsira, the famous bird island just outside Haugesund in northern Rogaland can partly account for the wide diversity in species seen in Rogaland, but still, Jæren is certainly one of the places to go birdwatching in Norway!

If you consider chosing Jæren as your next birding destination, do remember that spectacular sceneries at the world famous Prekestolen is a short daytrip away from Stavanger and Jæren. Trips can be also arranged from Stavanger harbour, reaching the archipelagos and seabirds all the year around.

Birding Norway’s guide at Jæren, Kjell Mjølsnes, also has a genuine interest in cultural history, and he will be happy to show you his favourite historical sights at Jæren as well as all the birds. If you are into “local food”, a true “Jær-meal” can be arranged during or after the birding trip. Have you ever tasted “komle”? Looking forward to seeing You at Jæren!

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