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Birding Norway trips:

Norwegian great boreal forests - owls and woodpeckers

Location: Hedmark (trips 6 hours - 4 days). Come to where the Taiga starts! Day trips and short trips (2-4 days) available. You may even take the afternoon off if you stay in Oslo on a business visit and want to take a break off for a nice evening, birding experience! Recent news from this area to the right.

In these parts of Norway you may visit exciting boreal woodlands and wetlands with a lot of Scandinavian specialities. The longer you stay the more birds we will find. Among others, in these landscapes of woods and forests, we have strong populations of the Pygmy and Tegnmalm's Owl, in good rodent years the Northern Hawk Owl also breeds. We are also just at the western edge of distribution range of the Ural Owl - so there is always a change for an unexpected meeting in these forests... This spring (2005), there are especially many active Tengmalm's owls.

Regarding other forest species, the Black Woodpecker is quite common, the Grey-headed and Three-toad is a little more difficult too find - but at the right time in the seasons they are easier. We will also look for Capercaillie and the Hazel Grouse. During April you will experience larger flocks of Cranes, displying in open fields in the valleys while they waits for the snow to melt of their nearby breeding grounds. In September they flock again before leaving for their southern wintering grounds. A species which really characterize these eastern landscapes.

Moose (c) Jon Lurås

Common Cranes (c) Jon Lurås

If you join our trips we also look for the Siberian Jay and the Spotted Nutcracker, altough they are generally squlky birds. During the summer season you will also have the possibility to visit breeding areas with Ortolan and Rustic Buntings and a range of other species. Also enjoying mammals? There are also quite a lot of Moose in these woods, at sunrise and sunset we have to drive quite carefully as they very often cross both local and the main roads.

Our guide: Jon Lurås

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