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Birding Norway tours 2006

  WT Sea-Eagle (c) Kjell Mjølsnes
Immature White-tailed Eagle and Hooded Crows. Photo (c) Kjell Mjølsnes.
The Birding Norway tour programme in 2006 is similar to recent years and focus on locations and themes such as arctic birding, mountain birding, fjordland birding and coastal birding - to give you the best Norway can offer regarding quality birding trips. We offers tours and trips to the prime birding hotspots in both Western-, Central- and Northern Norway - at the best possible time and season, to experience a large selection of bird species including most of the Scandinavian specialities.

In addition - as before, we will also handle individual requests for birding throughout the year - both shorter trips or longer tours. One or two days birding trips are also well suited for short time visitors - all trips starting and ending in Norways larger cities.

Arctic and alpine birds
To experience a full range of northern birds we have three scheduled tours to Varanger and Finnmark this year, including an new early spring tour running 8 days from the end of April. A key issue at this tour is still large numbers of wintering Sibirian seaducks - among others Steller eider and King Eider in thousands in their full breeding plumage. A unique experience!

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Birding in our fjords
Norway is famous for our amazing fjord landscapes - The fjords. In 2004 selected at the best tourist destination on a global scale by National Geographic! Birding Norway offers, as last year, a unique possibility to experience these landscapes alongside birding at selected sites with a number of exciting bird species. This tour is also available on request in combination with visiting seabirds and seabird cliffs at the coast and mountain birds in southern Norway.

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Shorter trips - city based
Many are visiting Norway for a brief period - maybe on a business trip. Birding Norway offers daytrips and shorter trips from several of our larger cities.

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